The Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Classic is back for its 36th running and will be held on the weekend of 8-10th November 2019. This year, Yamaha and Rollo’s Marine will once again be on board as naming rights sponsors, which is fantastic for the support of the event. The racing takes place in many forms over the weekend and is held on the Waikato River and is the premier event of the year for water ski racers in New Zealand.

Entries are now open for the 

Yamaha Rollos Marine Bridge to Bridge 2019. 

Bridge to Bridge Indemnity Waiver 2019

It is going to be a little different this year, in that all waivers will need to be filled in and scanned back to Alice Mellow (alice.mellow1@gmail.com) by all team members before entries close at the end of October.

If the team has not ALL completed their waivers their entry is not complete

Day Licence – Powerboat, ThunderCat, and Jetski Class

License for Power Boats, Thundercats and Jet Ski, these must be filled out and
emailed to Alice Mellow alice.mellow1@gmail.com before 1 Nov.

Day Licence – Family, Social, Anything but a Ski,
and Novice

License for Family, Social, Novice and anything but a ski, these must be filled out and
emailed to Alice Mellow alice.mellow1@gmail.com before 1 Nov.

The classes for each race are:


Race 1 – Novice, Masters, F5 1 Up, 70MPH, Sub Juniors
Race 2 – Anything But a Ski, Tadpoles (Under 10)
Race 3 – Social, Family & 60MPH
LONG RACE TIME TRIAL – Open, MOC, F2, SMOC, F5, Under 19, Juniors & Ladies


Powerboat Sprints Open, MOC, F2, SMOC, F5
Jetski Open, Jetski Stock Forced Induction, Jetski Naturally Aspirated, Jetski Under 120 HP, Thundercats

LONG RACE – Those who have entered time trial on Saturday will race again on Sunday


Saturday Race 1 Novice/Masters/F5 1 Up/70MPH/Sub Juniors

Saturday Race 2 Anything But a Ski and Tadpoles Race

Saturday Race 3 Social, Family and 60MPH Class

Saturday Race 4 LONG RACE Time Trial


Sunday Race 5 Powerboat Sprints

Sunday Race 6 Jetski & Thundercat Sprints

Sunday Race 7 Clubman Sprints & Short Course Racing

Sunday Long Race

Thanks to our generous sponsors that allow us to race