Ski Racers,

This is a bumper issue beginning of the season newsletter.
Please read it, act on it and prepare yourself for a new season that we are very much looking forward to and it is not too far away. Our new website thanks to Cody & Jenny Woodmass is just in the changeover stage so depending on when you get on there next it will hopefully be online.

Memberships are now due
Please go to the website and click membership and join up for the up coming season. (this can be done on either the old or the new site.
If you intend to do more than 2 events this season (and 1 of those events is not a river race) then the cheapest and easiest membership is a full membership.

See picture attached

New Race Format
See picture attached

The DMW Cup is the newest prize in NZ Ski Racing. This will be racing in the same format as the “Barry Carne Style Racing” that we ran at the Mid Winter in Mangakino. The races will become a series with one event at each of these series events of the season. More Info to come.

Rule Changes and Outcome of Submissions
Please read the document attached

Elbow Series 1 and Mercer River Race Entries are Open Very Soon
Once the new website is up and running – hopefully early next week – but we will notify you.
For the Mercer River Race to enter the long race event it is $60 and then each race you enter is $$20. So long race 60 + 20 for open+ 20 if you x enter into say women’s. So it is $80 for 1 class and $20 per cross entry after this.
Same for short race. $20 to enter the event and $10 for each race category, so $30 and $10 for each cross entry.

Driver/Observer & CPR Training Saturday Afternoon of Elbow
As most of you will know it is now a requirement for racing the Long race at any of our 3 river races that boat crews must have 1 person with a current CPR Certificate/Training. For those who haven’t don’t hold a CPR Certificate this can be attained from Graeme Harvey of Medical & Safety Consulting on Saturday afternoon before the first river race of the season on the Sunday. Please let Graeme know if you wish to take him up on this opportunity. Contact Graeme on 021 242 8557

The season is very close now so please get your memberships and entries done and we will see you all at Mercer.

We will be sending an emailed newsletter out once the website is live with links but we really wanted to get this important information out to the members as soon as we could. Please forward or make team mates aware if they are not on Facebook.

Yours in Racing
The Exec

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