Yamaha Rollo's Marine Bridge to Bridge Entry Forms

2017 ENTRIES are OPEN!

Welcome to the 2017 Yamaha Rollos Marine Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Classic Entries Page.......

Entries will close at 8pm sharp on Monday 30th October... so enter NOW!!

We would like to encourage you to get involved with the event and enter as many races as possible, tell all your friends, work mates and family to get involved as well!! This year’s event will be fantastic!!!

Entry to this year’s event is nice and easy with four key steps outlined below:

1/ Select the race you wish to enter from the list below.

2/ Select the race and the Class you want to enter, Note You may also cross enter into ONE other class if you are eligible to race in that class. Entry must not have any more than two selected classes.

3/ Fill out the required information fields. Please complete all relevant fields - incomplete entries create unnecessary work for us. Once completed click on the “Pay by PayPal or VISA button”. This will submit your entry.

4/ This will total up the amount to be paid and take you to the PayPal website.

At this stage you have two payment options. You can either continue through the PayPal website...
Fill out your details and click the “Review Order and Continue button” and follow the PayPal instructions.

We recommend if you don’t already have a PayPal account to open one. You can do this as you complete the first entry payment you make in the PayPal screen. Just follow the instructions on the PayPal website. Once you have activated your PayPal account making payments is much faster you just need to type in your email and password and confirm payment.

OR you can pay by Internet Banking. The NZWSRA would prefer THIS option as it doesn't incur the PayPal fees!
Once the PayPal screen displaying your total fee is displayed you can close this screen (without paying via PayPal) and send your entry fee to NZWSRA Bank Account 03 0104 0044833 00 putting your boat name and race as the details/reference.

Once you have entered you will receive a entry conformation email from skirace.co.nz and a payment confirmation from PayPal.

If you are entering more than one race (i.e. Social and the Long Race) then you will have to fill out 1 entry form per race that you are entering.

Good Luck For this year’s event!!

If you have any entry enquires please contact Alice via email to: entries@skirace.co.nz

or call her on 021 529 960

Click on the Race below that you wish to enter...

Yamaha - Family, Social and 60MPH
The race with a range of classes for the weekend Social skier.
This event is for anyone to give it a go and is open to all age groups. It is a great opportunity for friends, family and corporate social teams to be involved in this Grass Roots class.
Family class is the entry level class for all the family. This race is definitely a test of the skier, so don't be put off by the type of boat you have, or the type of boat you're competing against. Entrants to the Family Class receive a free entry to the Poker Run.
Again this year sees the return of social class – A step up from family class, and a stepping stone to Novice. Social skiers are allowed to use wrap handles and a longer rope. 60MPH are allowed a drag ski but with restricted rope length.

Armourguard and Sterling Security - TADPOLES and "ANYTHING BUT A SKI" RACE
Tadpoles are the tiny tots of ski racing... these wee tackers are under 10yrs of age but don't let their stature fool you... it still takes guts to run this river!

The ANYTHING BUT A SKI "race" is open to anyone.
This is not actually a race, but more a time trial. Teams must nominate an average speed (not faster than 35mph) and the winner will be the team that finishes closest to their nominated speed.
Boats and towables must be safe, can tow up to two towables and may carry either one or two riders. The towable(s) must remain inside the boat wake at all times, and the tow rope(s) must not exceed 23 metres / 75 feet. Full rules will be sent to the Team Contact.
Note that if you have entered Masters, Novice, or Sub Juniors you will not also be able to do this Race

DMW Trailers and Trojan MASTERS & NOVICE
For the more mature and novice ski racers. These are extremely competitive class, especially among the masters – guaranteed entertaining viewing.

Armourguard and Sterling Security SUB JUNIORS

For the up and coming Ski Racer who is aged under 13 racing from Taupiri to Hamilton.
These young guys and girls are the future of our sport.
Come out an support them... or give it a go yourself, you don't need a big fast boat!

CS Installs F5 (1 Up) and 70MPH

New classes in 2017 let the 200hp SMOC boats and speed limited 70mph skiers have a blast down the river...
The natural restrictions of speed and engine size always ensure that these classes have some of the closest racing and tightest finishes.
Great to see a resurgence in the F5 class!

Once again we welcome all ThunderCat owners to join our event.
These guys are more used to the rough surf at Raglan or Piha... how will they cope with the glass flat water of the Waikato.
No doubt these guys (and gals) will also be looking for that speed edge on their journeys down and back up the Waikato.
We are looking for an even bigger jetski field this year. With the fast boys, through to the weekend rider, this is a great event!

Clubmans Boats get a combo deal with both the Powerboat Sprint - Hamilton – Ngaruawahia & return as well as The short course sprint series included in the one entry fee. The SCSS will run both Saturday and Sunday in the gaps between races in the main bridge programme. This will be a points series through the weekend and an overall SCSS champion.

For all boat types, get out there without a skier!
How fast can you pedal your rig to Ngaruawahia and back??
This is a chance for all drivers to shed their skiers, prop up, plant their throttle foot and really stretch the legs of their boat! As always, Ann St is a fantastic viewing location as the drivers wrestle their rigs on the edge around this tricky (and tighter than it looks!) corner.

Sterling Security Amourguard LONG RACE TIME TRIAL and
Rollos Marine LONG RACE

This event is the premier event of the weekend. Starting with the Hamilton Time Trial on Saturday afternoon where competitors ski from Grantham St to Ngaruawahia and back in order to set a competitive time for grid positions for the main event.

The Long Race is held on the Sunday afternoon. The race starts at Cambridge with a down river leg through Hamilton to Taupiri and return to the finish line at Grantham Street. The Long Race offers excellent spectator viewing for over three hours - Favorite vantage points include: the boat ramp at Cambridge for a view of the start carnage, the Pits and river bank at Grantham St for the high speed pass through town, and Ann St for the cornering antics.

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